Comments From Cynthia on Her Bird’s Eye Maple Dresser

I just picked up my Great Aunt Genevieve’s (b.1891, d.1981) Bird’s eye maple dresser from Strippers Furniture Restoration today.  It’s beautiful!  

When I took it in, it had many layers of white paint on it – and blue ceramic knobs.  The layers of paint were chipping.  My intent was to repaint the dresser with a “clean ” coat of white paint and take it to our farmhouse.  

After the dresser was stripped, I went to pick it up and saw the beautiful bird’s eye maple that had been hiding under layers of paint.  I did not have the heart to paint it.  I had Strippers refinish the dresser and replace the knobs with ones more fitting that style and era of dresser.  The results speak for themselves (see photo below).  It’s gorgeous!  Another store customer offered to buy the dresser from me if I decide I don’t want it.

Additionally, as George was working on refinishing the dresser, he discovered, tightly wedged beneath the bottom drawer, an 1898 Indian Head penny.  Perhaps put there by the carpenter who made the dresser?  George took the penny home, polished it up, and put it in a see-through “coin packet” to give it back to me.  I was very touched.

I have used Strippers Furniture Restoration for many years, with many different pieces and types of furniture.  I have always been pleased with their work.

I highly recommend them.

Sincerely, Cynthia W.

Dresser Before Stripping

Birds Eye Maple Dresser After Refinishing. Restored to its original beauty.


Strippers says:

Thank you Cynthia.  We’re so glad you’re pleased. We enjoyed working on your dresser. It’s always fun to strip a painted piece and find beautiful wood hidden under the layers of paint.