“Strippers” by: A Look Into

When you hear a business name like Strippers you may be inclined to find it an easy target of a joke but the quality restoration work done by the little storefront on Selby since 1963 is anything but a playful jest.

The seriousness and level of skill that has gone into the likes of projects produced by Strippers is quite an impressive expanse and it begs no question as to why they’ve been so successful.

Now, nearing their third generation of ownership, Strippers has contributed to pieces in the Governor’s Mansion, the Historical Henry Sibley House and a number of cherished restaurants, churches and synagogues all around the Twin Cities.

Nearly every member of the Strippers family has started the work of restoration at a very young age. Whether it is learning to sand the legs of an end table or upholster a century’s old victorian couch, Strippers has succeeded in projects big or small with expert precision.

The oldest furniture restoration company in the Twin Cities, is also carving ornate pieces for local homes and churches primarily. Offering up expert detail work and restoring pieces that have been neglected, breathing new life into artifacts that desperately need it.

At Strippers the importance is behind the pieces themselves. Often important heirlooms left behind or pieces involving sacrifice for past generations, Strippers is in the business of keeping those important parts feeling important. Their attention to detail often adds significance to a piece and grants it new life to be passed along to the next generation–much like Strippers itself.

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