Mahogany Linen Cabinet Sheds Sheets of Paint.

Reupholstering Offers New Life to Old Furniture.

Instead of tossing out old and worn furniture, reupholster it to bring new life, and cut down on waste and further resource use.

 In this time of budget-conscious and green living, clients (and potential clients) are curious about having their existing furniture reupholstered, instead of replaced.  But, does reupholstering always make sense?

If your furniture piece is of high quality, it is almost always worth reupholstering. The quality of an upholstered piece is only as good as the foundation it rests on. Quality frames are constructed of solid hardwood which are assembled with corner blocks, dowels, glue and screws and have heavy gauge coil or zigzag springs.

 If your furniture piece has sentimental value, or is a precious antique, it is always worth reupholstering the piece.  These types of pieces cannot be replaced, so the costs are easily outweighed by the sentiment and memories attached to the piece. 

 If your existing furniture fits just perfectly in your space, it makes sense to reupholster the piece, rather than try to find something new.  If you have been furniture shopping recently, you have noticed that furniture has gotten really LARGE overall.  Overstuffed sofas, chairs-and-a-half and ottomans are all huge, and often not scaled to most family homes.  If you have a small-scale sofa that fits perfectly under your living room window, you may not be able to replace it easily with a new sofa that fits as well.  So, even pieces of less quality may be worth reupholstering, rather than going crazy trying to find an equally perfect piece for your room!

The fun thing about re-upholstering is that you get to select a fabric that you love or select several fabrics to be used on one piece. The range of possible colors, textures and styles of fabrics is nearly limitless. You could also add trims or nail heads – the options are endless. 

If you are unsure about whether your particular furniture pieces are worth reupholstering, and you wonder about the costs involved, we can help you figure that out. Stop in to see us or email some pictures to:

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A New Life for Comfortable Club Chair

Before Reupholstering

Before Reupholstering

After - Ready for another 40 years!

After - Ready for another 40 years!

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Beautiful Mahogany Wood Hidden by Paint!

Painted Knee Hole Desk Before Stripping.

Painted Knee Hole Desk Before Stripping.

After the Beautiful Mahogany Wood is Revealed.

After the Beautiful Mahogany Wood is Revealed.

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Checkout some of our upholstery work!

This awesome love seat and chair came into Strippers last month needing a little upholstery work.

How do you like me now? (click on an image to enlarge)

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Strippers starts new blog

strippers furniture restorationWelcome to Strippers Furniture Restoration new blog.  The blog will be written and maintained by Jane and John Bobzin, Strippers owners and husband and wife team. 

By the urging of our dear friend and webmaster Chris Janota, the time has come to finally start our blog!  I plan to fill these pages with furniture restoration tips, interesting insights and suggestions.  Our interests run the gamut from furniture refinishing, caning, stripping, and upholstery….and we plan to talk about it all here.  We hope you’ll revisit the blog (and our shop on Selby in St Paul, Minnesota) from time to time and share your comments with us!  Wish me luck on my first entry…I am so excited…I don’t know where to start! -Jane

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Customer Service Issues

If you have an inquiry about your order or any other issue we encourage you to first call us at 651.645.1394 before posting an inquiry in this public forum.

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